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My favourite slide in any junior miner presentation deck, GR Silver (GRSL.v) edition

It’s not just GRSL, but their latest example is particularly blunt and egrarious:

I’ve yet to see the corporate presentation slide where a mining company proudly announces it is “Trading At A Significant Premium To Peers”, some way or some how they are always cheaper than the other mining companies in their subset. Seriously, why is that? How can all the mining companies all be cheaper than all their rivals all the time? It reminds of the George Carlin quip, “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” Also, this desk can guarantee that if you look up the corporate presentation for any month on this particular squiggly line…

…the GRSL literature will have claimed its stock is undervalued no matter what price, month or year. Again, have you ever heard a CEO telling the world their company share price is overvalued? And we have other questions: Is Eric Zaunscherb calling VZLA a short? Would he consider it a pair trade component? The fun never stops with these people…


    It’s the age-old question…. What’s a worthless ounce worth?


    Elon Musk once famously did.


    This stock is a pile of dog’s breakfast. Prime example of shareholder value destruction.


    I give you an inch and you ask for a lightyear


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