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My very brief morning with Fortuna Silver (FSM) (FVI.to)

Today we learned that “Chat” at VidV doesn’t mean chat, it means propaganda. Joanne Jobin seems to think that shareholders need to sit down, shut up and receive whatever their overlords offer with gratitude. It sure is interesting how Fortuna Silver (FSM) (FVI.to) loves using the word “respect” when it suits them (they also moaned at a tough questioner during its 3q21 ConfCall using the same complaint), but the lack of respect it shows to whole communities around its mines just sails straight over its head. In the world of Fortuna Silver, asking pertinent questions gets you booted from their presentations as in seconds, Joanne Jobin first decided to play gatekeeper in a private chat and then, when not getting the lapdog answer she required, kicked me from the VID V conference immediately after reading this:

There was nothing disrespectful in my language, I hasten to add, merely asking questions that need to be asked of a company trying to avoid them. If asking questions of a company CEO in a live conference is disrespectful, then so be it.


    They have forgot who they are working for = the shareholders.


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