Every why hath a wherefore

Nest duly feathered, Wide Boy Beaty retires

Stepping back to enjoy the fruits of his criminal activity. We know you’ll never do jail time, Ross (you are very very important and very very important people don’t need to do things like that), but at least we caught you red-handed in one of your rip-offs before you decided to leave the scene. This way we’ll remember you for who you are, not for the false image of respectability you tried to construct around you.


    And don’t let the you know what – hit the you know what on the way out.


    He’s smart. I find it interesting that the day he makes this announcement public is also the day Rio Tinto launched START. An ESG way to track Aluminum from mine to end user. The writing is on the wall and he read it. Getting away with poor ESG sources materials is going to become harder to hide. ABAXX will also facilitate ESG sourced commodities. Right Dave.


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