idle and fond bondage

New Found Gold (NFG.v) cuts 6.85m of gold over 44.5m…

….and this desk does not care a fig, as honestly earned money isn’t going anywhere near a company offering a useful microcosm for everything that’s wrong about the Canadian mining world: Sociopaths running the gig, heads-I-win-tails-you-lose corporate structure, the easy reaching for selective disclosure (expect a lot more of that, Hennigh’s favourite sneak trick), backroom dealings and P.T. Barnum PhD selling his soul for the showboat geology ego trip. Plus of course you idiots reading these words, the fawning flock of sycophants who genuflect at the altar of Pallisades. The NR is here, have a read, prepare for Collin Kettell’s Order of Canada ceremony. Still too many Ls.


    The more I read, the more I’m convinced you identify as a privileged holier-than-thou 21 year old them/their humanities student. The palpable jealousy, self-righteousness and comedically overly-simplistic rage ticking of every leftist ideological hot button topic box is something to behold.

    You don’t care a fig. Fine. But you once again cost your readers a bundle. Keep up the great work!


      Close. In fact I identify as somebody who helps imbeciles jerking off at blog Comments sections stop kicking small animals and shouting at kids.


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