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New Gold (NGD) gets Renaud Adams

NR here. This is a good appointment for NGD and I’d expect the share price to improve on the news. The NR lists Renaud Adams’ successes, but it doesn’t remind us that he also has an eye for the dog deposit too, having decided to leave Primero when they bought the Black Fox mine. That’s when he went to Richmont and was the driver of the tremendous success of Island and the company (and the stock price, right up to take-out day). NGD and main headache Rainy River is a different fish to a high grade UG of course, there’s a lot to fix here and the acid test on whether Adams can turn this mess around is in the future. But I doubt he’s gone in just for shits’n’giggles.
IKN wishes him fortune. No position in NGD.


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