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New NOBS report on Minefinders (MFN) available now

In the ongoing quest to make this humble corner of cyberspace pay for itself, here’s the latest offer in the (glad to say increasingly popular) NOBS “no B.S.” reports we do round here. The company in question this time is Minefinders (MFN) (MFL.to), operators of the newly commissioned ‘Dolores’ gold/silver mine in Mexico. In the seven page report you get my views on:
  • company structure and financials
  • production and profit expectations
  • sensitivity to gold and silver spot prices
  • political and social risk factors
  • etc
You also get a 12 month forward price target and a conclusion section where I lay out my views on MFN as an investment, all in the usual straight-shooting NOBS style that praises when good and criticizes the bad. The price is the usual bargain U$10 via paypal to…..
otto.rock1 (AT) gmail.com
(change the (AT) to an @ sign)
…..and to make it easy you can order via this pre-paid button below (all the usual credit cards available). Once PayPal tells me you’ve paid, you’ll get your copy by return mail. The usual drill, in other words.

So don’t delay, get yours today. For just ten US dollars, which is less than the price of a trade commission, you’ll know a whole heap more about MFN than the rest of them and give yourself the edge. You know it makes sense.

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