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New Pacific Metals (NUAG.v): Probably just coincidence

Following the bouncing ball:
1) IKN publishes “New Pacific Metals (NUAG.v) and ministerial bribery” on February 6th, which sets out the allegations of bribery and corruption made by the interim Bolivian government against the ex-Minister of Mining. NUAG and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Alcira, are central to the mess.
2) NUAG publishes “Summary of Exploration Activities in New Pacific’s 100% Owned Silver Sand Project and Acquisitions and Agreements Outside the Silver Sand Project” on the morning of February 10th (i.e. yesterday Monday morning pre-bell), a long and winding title for a long and winding NR that gives even the casual outsider an idea of the “human complexity” that must have been part of the deal. The best bit is this:

“The MPC was approved
by Bolivia’s Ministry of Mining and Metallurgy on January 7, 2019, but
remains subject to ratification and approval by the Plurinational
Legislative Assembly of Bolivia.  As of today, the MPC has not been
ratified nor approved by Plurinational Legislative Assembly of Bolivia.”

3) NUAG share price does this:
Probably just coincidence.

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