Every why hath a wherefore

New Pacific (NUAG.v): Insiders dumped before the bad PEA news

What else do you expect when two-faced, self-serving, double dealing John Doody gets involved?
This PEA, out yesterday, is an absolute joke for a market cap this size and it was announced just after all that selling stopped. What a shocker, eh? This is of course the same company up to its neck in bribery and corruption charges with the Evo Morales government in Bolivia. Burn them with fire.

UPDATE post open: Trend is not friend.

Have a good look at that, see how the price dumped around two hours before the close yesterday, but the seller just kept on liquidating all they could at $4.90. If you’re telling me the select few at the centre of this odorous promo weren’t tipped off and didn’t take advantage, I have a bridge to sell you. Easy payment terms, low initial and easy quotas.

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