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New site sponsor, Verdmont Capital

This humble corner of cyberspace has taken the plunge and accepted (after kindly refusing a few offers) a new advertiser on site. Click on that banner above and you’ll be magically whisked to the website of Verdmont Capital. Here’s a bit of the spiel from Verdmont’s website:

Verdmont Capital is a full-service securities and investment management firm that provides worldwide service.

Verdmont facilitates client transactions in the world’s largest and fastest growing financial markets through its relationships and affiliations with top-tier counter-parties. Clients have the ability to trade equities and futures direct with Verdmont’s trading desk, or through our sophisticated online trading platforms. Verdmont offers multi-currency investment accounts and settles transactions in the currency of the market where the trade is executed.

Your correspondent has accepted this advertiser for four main reasons. Firstly they offer a good alternative and access to specialist capital markets. For example, you can trade Australia’s stock market, something more than useful for mining investors. Secondly I did my DD, checked them out in my own time and liked what I saw and heard. They have a good reputation in their field and satisfied customers already on board. Thirdly, I feel there is no conflict of interest for me in accepting this sponsor (e.g. I’ve refused mining company sponsorship for this very reason). And lastly they’re paying me a shekel or two for the space.

So please take time out and visit Verdmont Capital’s website. Thank you for your attention.

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