Tis rigor and not law

Newbies get to learn about Steve Common Thief Zuker quickly

And the way he hired Jamie Keech to sucker you all in. Here’s an excerpt from this, does the wet-behind-ears brigade still think your author was wrong to call this scam for what it is?

The risk involved with this company (it’s a drill play!) has not changed, what changed is the burden of that risk. Those in the IPO funding round at 40c are now able to sell half their shares and ride the others, totally risk free, but that risk hasn’t just disappeared; Instead it’s transferred to the buyer who has now taken on, unwittingly or otherwise, the double risk of theirs plus somebody else’s. That may or may not be crazy depending on what TORO.v manages to drill out of Lourdes, but witnessing the way in which less sophisticated investors were steered into this stock when others are immediately cashing out doesn’t merely state too much risk, it screams it out loud from rooftops.

That is what Steve Common Thief Zuker and Jamie Keech did to you with Pucara Gold (TORO.v), greenhorn. Zuker hired Keech, who used his well-oiled Sandstorm Gold (SAND) media channels (the SAND mob are very much part of this criminal scam) and created a liquidity event that let the people already in the stock dump onto you, reducing their risk to zero. Keech is an absolute toerag and showed despicable behaviour, but that’s only to be expected when you’ve been taught by criminals.

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