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News round-up

We haven’t done one of these for a while, so…
First the non-news, as the mining world’s lapdog press corps continue to give zero coverage to the Samarco disaster and how its industry has managed to ruin a whole Amazon basin river. Contemptible media coverage, vomitworthy. Shame on you all.
Movin’ on, Goldcorp’s “Conflict free” policy causes conflict, death, violence, extortion and other such lovelinesses in Guerrero Mexico? Hoodathunkit! Here’s Reuters with the story.
Galt’s Gulch Chile is the Libertarian scam that just keeps on giving. This new (looking) website is the foot-stomp “it’s not fair!” approach from the scammed suckers who were stupid enough to trust someone who has Ayn Rand (me first….that a clue guys?) as the central pillar of their life philosophy. Here’s a chunkette:
As of November 2015, the investors do not have title to the residential
lots, orchards or shares of Agricola GGC (the farm operating company)
for which they paid and that Johnson agreed to deliver. Loan payments to
GGC investors have not been paid. In addition, titles to two GGC
companies and the two parcels that were to become Galt’s Gulch Chile are
clouded. The project is insolvent.
Unintentionally hilarious.
Here’s Shore Capital this morning on Minera IRL. Yes true, what are those irregularities?

PS: The news that the location of the San José galleon, reputedly carrying around a billion dollars’ or seventeen billion dollars or choose-you-own-report billion dollars’ worth of gold and jewels when it sunk off the coast of Cartagena, has been located and its booty assigned to the country has caused a massive uptick in stories that spell Colombia with a “U”. Dumbass gringo hacks never die, they just hibernate a while.

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