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News roundup

Hearts’n’minds, Chinese style. Peru state radio reports that Chinalco has begun an information campaign in the town of Morococha about its enormoous copper project to be built next door as of next year. Otto prefers this to the normal mushroom politics method of so many world miners.

Disappointingly for some, Ecuador and Brazil are not about to stop doing deals with each other. Otto is totally unsurprised and laughs in the face of the ignorant (e.g. Walter Molano).

Caracas falls to the Chávez opposition, and immediately 30% of the city is without water supply. Huh…those capitalists, eh?

Evo says relations with the USA will be better when The Hawaiian takes charge. Evo therefore wins this week’s “No Shit Sherlock” award, as bar direct napalm attacks from B-52s it’s tough to imagine how they could be any worse.

Otto receives precisely six hatemails and board comments from guys called ‘anonymous’ concerning yesterday’ post about silver. Read here and find out why the comments didn’t get through, dumbasses. Freakin’ silverbugs can’t face reality………

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