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Read this report on the Venezuela regional elections and note where you find the phrase “sipping a plastic cup of whisky”. I actually burst out laughing. Worse than pitiful reporting from….well, look for yourself. These people actually write to me and have the brass neck to say they don’t promote a political agenda. Y’see, they treat me as a moron too, not just their readership.

Peru’s APEC summit hits full stride today. Today every Peru media is proudly splashing Dubya’s words that that Peru is “un país ideal para invertir” (quick Spanish lesson: país = country, invertir = invest…the rest should be clear enough). A better example of damned by faint praise unavailable this year. The soon-to-be ex-POTUS arrives in Lima today (I think). Expect mucho talk and poco action.

You just know things are desperate in the US stock markets and the NASDAQ is scraping the bottom of the barrel when they invite the guys at Cresud (CRESY) to ring the morning bell. November 24th, be there or be square. Tea’n’buns served afterwards, and don’t mention Aquiline (AQI.to) to the bossman (or his family, for that matter)…might ruin the atmosphere.

Argentina’s Senate easily passed the law that re-nationalizes its pensions system last night. No surprises, as ever since Veep Cobos said he wouldn’t stop the Kirchners from charging ahead it was a done deal. I know I’m supposed to care about this story, but I don’t. An excuse of a country run by ridiculous people who still think they matter on the world stage.

Ecuador has annulled
77 mining concessions due to the lack of investment made by concession holders.

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