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News roundup (getting gluteal on you since 2008)

Colombia Reports wins headline of the day with “Transexual beauty queen dies after failed DIY buttock enhancement”. Today’s irresistible link, so you may as well give in and click it now. 
Gold doing well, juniors less so. I think there’s profit taking going on and those taking profits will feel sheepish by the end of the week.
An exception to that is Rio Alto (RIO.v), up 6.5% on double average volumes after last night’s production numbers. It still has to break into new hi territory, though.
The wife of Rio Negro’s dead governor, who is also his presumed killer, tried to commit suicide.
According to the next batch of school textbooks in Chile, the Pinochet dictatorship won’t be called a dictatorship any longer. The Piñera government will instead use “military regime” to descibe its country’s past, because Chileans are often total assholes like that.

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