Take physic, pomp

News roundup (no silly parentheses today as every time the word Japan floats back into my brain all the jokes disappear)

We’re keeping it LatAm-focussed, but remember what’s important in life and what’s not. I really think you’d be much better off reading other websites today and not this one, as all LatAm has to offer is minutae.
Best political quote of the day is Alejandro Toledo’s “Not all Apristas are corrupt.” His new tactic is clearly “Remember folks, I’m the one you vote for if you don’t like Alan” which is a smart strategic move.
Guatemala’s youth killings. Central American Politics has the latest figures and they’re not nice at all.
Today’s good market link is Cam Hui over at Humble Student of the Markets and his “A test of the Bernanke put” because Cam is being as insightful as always. This is good.
For Spanish speakers looking for more insight on the Argentina political events and guidance to the 2011 Presidentials later this year, today’s post by Abel is unmissable.

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