Take physic, pomp

News Roundup (on a need to know basis only)

Really bad news for Uribe; according to the US Drugs Czar (gotta love them czars) Plan Colombia is about to get much smaller much quicker.

The Economist whacks into “high-handed” Twobreakfasts (as close as a mainstream medium will ever get to calling him the names he really deserves) and is critical of the way he handles the little brown people. And to add extra credit, check out the earlier March 19th report that went into the whole subject of jungle land rights before it made international headlines.

Mo’ Peru and HEYWOW!, it’s another official GDP downgrade! The central bank is now pitching for 3.3% in 2009…..limbo limbo how low will you go, joe?

And finally, a big happy birthday to my brother. I’m not going to tell him to get drunk tonight because it’s probably too late already.

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