Take physic, pomp

News Roundup (picking the fluff off the mohair sweater that is Monday)

Shock! Mary OhYesExtremelyStableWhyDidYouAsk O’Grady uses her WSJ column to call Hugo Chávez ‘a dictator’…well, if it comes from her it must be true, right?

Insulza tells it as it is: Honduras is on the brink of civil war, according to the man that pisses everybody off by turn (i.e. ain’t nobody’s lapdog, Hillary).

France tells Studmuffin that playing hardball with Perenco might harm future investments in Muffinland…Rafa then phones Sarko and mentions something about Argentina’s new FinMin Boudou…which seems a bit of a non-seq at first.

Paraguay suddenly becomes LatAm’s new fashion tourist destination as it’s revealed it’s the world’s second biggest producer of marijuana. Bring your own Pink Floyd long-playing albums, oldtimers.

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