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News roundup (we celebrate a sunny morning)

Yay! My roof is drying out! So to business:
This is a really great article on the pros and cons of the blossoming Argentina fracking sector. If you’re into O&G, it’s a must-read (dated Feb 8th so I’m a bit late to it, but hey...)
Further to the Wong Fook Hing Book Shop post of a couple of days ago, reader RC sends in the world best Chinese/English translations. I can’t choose between “the shrimp fucks the cabbage” and “fuck the certain price of goods” so maybe you can call a winner for me. It’s all of a story too, straight out of the Monty Python’s Hungarian phrasebook sketch.
Bolivia Weekly runs a report and a recipe link for False Rabbit (falso conejo), one of the better dishes in the Bolivian cookbook.
Heavy rains on the Peru/Chile border uncover land mines, that then get swept along to the sides of the main highways and blown up by the Chilean authorities. A reminder not to aim for the lumps and bumps while driving.

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