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News Roundup (we scour the region and bring you the dregs)

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Bolivia: Bina has the latest on the Santa Cruz mercenaries story; very interesting stuff, too. Also nice to se El Gaviero posting regularly again, as MG gives us more English language insight to the ongoing ruckus.

Ecuador: Sunday. Election. Studmuffin wins. Nuff said.

Mexico: Swine Flu! This is not funny at all and possibly a big big story in the making with 30 cases confirmed in Mexico City, at least 16 deaths, schools shuttered and now CNN reporting seven cases in Texas, USA. For the record I thoroughly recommend eating elderberries (esp in its yummy jam form) as a flu preventative. And get your flu shots too, people.

Paraguay: According to this report, 75% of Paraguayan children were fathered by Fernando Lugo. I’m still trying to decide whether there’s a slight exaggeration going on here 🙂

Peru: For the wonks among us. Farid Matuk writes an excellent but slightly technical (not too bad, though…none of those funny symbols) report in English that examines a theme looked at here recently, but in more detail; the interrelation of Peru and Chile economic data. Fascinating stuff for those of us that find this stuff fascinating…..errr….like….dude.

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