Take physic, pomp

News roundup (we sniff the bottoms of the mongrel dogs that others fear to sniff)

OH NOES! SECRET OIL DOLLAR CONSPIRACY! Dumbasses fall for this crap every time, but Mish nails the issue in this post. Gimme a freakin’ break here, dudes….

Argentina: Why do we lurve da booorev? Let’s take yesterday’s note by the WSJ on Argentina and the IMF:

Deranged psycho killer will never understand why the orphan child of the mother it once strangle-raped cannot return its love“.

Oh yes, we love da booorev.

Paraguay: Beats me why AP is so, so bad sometimes, cos other times they nail great stories. Check out this one on Paraguay that starts

“Three police chiefs imprisoned for torture have finally have been fired after collecting their salaries from behind bars since 1995, Paraguay’s interior minister said Tuesday.”

Peru: The strike at Shougang’s iron ore mine in Peru is now eight days old. Reason for strike? The deal brokered by workers and management to end the last strike has been totally ignored by the Chinese management. It’s the future of Kapitalism, Komrade.

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