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News roundup (we step on the cracks in pavements on which others fear to step)

Hey Europe, we down here laugh and point fingers at your silly ageing population and higher retirement ages. Bolivia plans to drop the retirement age from 65 to 58 (and as low as 51 if you’re in a hard labour job like mining).
Good advice (and an interesting stock pick right at the end) from Toby Shute about finding value in a picked-over market.
In Peru this week, the best story (this is a good EngLang resumé of it all) has been about the crooked Minister of the Interior, who was booted out of office after press got hold of how he picked up bigtime forced dismissal payments when he voluntarily left his job in the State-run health service to become Interior Minister. Another chapter in APRA sleaze.
Just the 12 dead miners in Colombia this week. Funny how they didn’t get much airtime your way, innit?

UPDATE: Gotta add this from Raw Story: “Fox Nation readers confuse Onion article with real news”. Check out the wondrous level of comments lifted from Fox Nation, too….life imitates art once again.

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