More matter with less art

News roundup ( we walk down the street without treading on cracks in the pavement)

This week’s best food news:Sao Paulo, Dec 6 (EFE).– The Consumer Defense Foundation in Sao Paulo fined fast-food giant McDonald’s 3.19 million reais ($1.77 million) for including toys in children’s meals. The organization considered that giving away toys with a “happy meal” creates eating habits harmful to youngsters’ health, the official Agencia Brasil news service said.continues here
It’s Inmaculada Concepción today, which is good news for those with Faith and those without…long weekend in LatAm.
IDL Reporteros has published an extensive two part interview with ‘Artemio’, leader of Peru’s Sendero Luminoso. Dan Collyns of The Guardian was also on the trip to Artemio’s stronghold, so expect an English language version soon via that paper.
You see the moves in gold this morning? Looks like some hot money got burned. This is good

In Argentina, everything’s set for the re-inauguration of Cristina this Saturday. The most fun will be watching whether Veep Cobos takes CFK’s oath, because he is outright hated by the Kirchner hardcore (and not much liked by CFK herself) and may be in for a rough time. Apart from that, it’ll be partaaay time for the assembled mucketymucks.

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