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Nice to see Steve Cope of Silver Viper (VIPR.v) is an IKN reader

The trouble with having a bullshit liar as a CEO is that they’ll never stop bullshitting or lying to you, even when it’s perfectly obvious they’ve been caught with their pants down doing the same scammy, self-serving crap to line their own pockets as quickly as possible. The IKN post of Friday evening pointed to
  • The post-Friday close VIPR NR
  • That awarded the company insiders a boatload of options
  • That were priced exactly on strike after the heavy sell-off that day
  • And vest immediately
…all those being classic moves from bullshit juniors looking to quietly rip off their shareholders. However, Mister Cope didn’t like being shown as the scamster he obviously is, so he got one of his paid lackeys to write this on CEO.ca (I thank reader P for the headsup). Along the way, you’ll also note that Cope wanted to reply directly to IKN, but somehow doesn’t know how e-mail works. Lies stacked upon lies, you’d have thought by now that a guy like Cope, constantly covering deceit, had learned that it’s best to stop digging when in a hole. I’m not linking to that den of iniquity, instead here’s what was written by his sycophant.
Silver Viper’s CEO Steve Cope has asked me to post something onm the CEO board on his behalf. It’s a response to something negative about the recent option grant that was written on IKN blogspot about VIPR and its CEO. He would have rather responded to IKN directly but doesn’t see an avenue to do so on their website.
Below Steve Cope addresses the comments that were made on the IKN blogspot and then leave it to people to make their own judgements on the situation: 
1. We just hired a new Corporate Secretary and part of working for the group is getting options when you start. 
2. Insiders bought over 350k shares of the company in the open market at prices ranging from $0.275-0.385 on Feb 27th and 28th. If there had been an attempt to issue options cheaply there would have been no buying and we would have allowed the share price to stay down closer to the $0.265 low of the day. 
3. The decision to issue options was done over a week ago based on the fact that we hadn’t issued options in over 2 years and we knew our best release to date was going out earlier in the week. The plan was to allow time for the price to react accordingly to the news before issuing options. It is also important to note that everyone who works for the group is granted options all the way down to the receptionist. The options were going to be issued whether the share price was at $.25 or $.55 it didn’t matter. 
4. We weren’t able to push this off for days as we wanted to make sure they were issued before we had any assays for the next holes. If we issued next week we would already start to see gold numbers for holes 219 and beyond and would be acting on insider information. 
5. The only other option grant we did was done when the stock was trading in the teens and we issued at $0.25 in order to not undercut people that participated in the IPO at $0.25 months before. The share price moved down in the coming months and we were questioned on why we would issue options that way vs waiting and doing it at a lower price. 
6. I pushed back on doing an option grant in January when the rest of the Belcarra Group companies issued because I knew we had good results on the horizon and didn’t want to issue options in the .20’s when I firmly believed the price would be higher. 
 7. Insiders of this company have not sold a share and will continue to support the stock in the open market. 
I value peoples opinion and pride myself on trying to do what is in the best interests of shareholders and the people that work for the Belcarra Group. If anyone has any questions or would like to arrange a call please email me at steve.cope@belcarragroup.com. I always have time for shareholders and please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thank you for your continued support and I am excited to see how the La Virginia project continues to grow as it is really starting to get exciting based on these results.
Steve Cope

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