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Nighthawk Gold (NHK.v) offers Robert Cudney a lesson in 21st century marketing

Why is Nighthawk Gold (NHK.v) failing so badly in 2020, despite gold pushing well North of U$2,000/oz? The answer is Robert Cudney of Northfield Capital and, lately, self-styled Twitter guru.  Back in 2019, this stock was a mining FinTwit special, massively over-hyped on rose-tinted spectacle blather and nonsense out of the mouth of the extremely conflicted Cudney (a very large shareholder and “active in the market”, as we say; he may have forgotten to tell you that):
When reality reared its ugly head earlier in the year and people who actually know what they are talking about started to factor in the remote location, the selling began. Unlikely to stop too, no matter how much loudmouth Cudney tries to pump otherwise, the gap left by real news in late July shows zero signs of closing.
What you get to experience now is 21st century losses, Cudney: Your failed pump has lost you a crapload of cash and that’s good, but your BS also cost a lot of people around you a lot of money. Those are the people on Twitter, now. Have a nice day, Cudney.

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