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Nisman update

We now know from the autopsy report that the gun that killed Alberto Nisman was fired from a distance of no greater than 1cm from his head, that the gun was aimed at his right ear and that the end of the barrel was almost certainly resting on his ear at the moment the trigger was pulled. We also know an approximate time of death, around midday on Sunday January 18th. The prosecutor (fiscal) in charge of the case, Viviana Fein also said (translated) “participation of third persons is not inferred” by the investigation and crime scene evidence. And for what it’s worth, small sidebar is that prosecutor Fein is no friend of the CFK government and has been virtual-opposition in her statements about President CFK in the last couple of years. No way is she some sort of handpicked head for governmental cover-up (quite the opposite, in fact).
Although there is still no proof, your author harks back to the jottings post earlier this week, considers the three most likely general scenarios and there’s no way around it, the latest evidence points towards situation 1), the plain straight suicide. For sure it doesn’t rule out the other two, but it does make the suicide case that much more likely.

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