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No inquiry or disciplinary action for illegal insider trading at Oreo Zone (ORE.v)

Oreo Zone: A product of pure marketing: A packet of Oreo Zone looks sweet and will always tempt the Twitter Morons*, but when you get it home and open the packet you see the list of mediocre ingredients then note how the contents crumble fast under the slightest pressure.

It couldn’t have been more obvious at the time, but a look back at the illegal insider trading at Oreo Zone (ORE.v) earlier this month now shows just how blatant the immoral way employees at the company were as they stuffed their pockets with filthy lucre. The symmetry of the traded volume over the three days of their scam is one of the more nauseating aspects too; this was deliberate and planned, first buying on Monday when others were selling, then selling on Tuesday when the suckers who pay their salaries were buying (that’s you, retail idiot).

The stock is going to be quiet volume-wise until they run their next P&D move on the market, but what’s also notable, aside from the 15% slide and drop off in volume, is the way we’ve heard zero zip squat nada out of the company regarding their disgusting in-house mentality and culture of corporate sleaze. The buck stops at CEO Patrick Downey (also President and a director) and if he thinks ignoring illegal and immoral activities by his own staff is the way to run a business he’s not getting anywhere when it comes to M&A with the non-joke mining companies. Any company with common sense isn’t going to engage with a bunch of liars and thieves who telegraph M&A at the first opportunity and for their personal gain. Are you going to find and fire the perp, Patrick? Or are you all in cahoots? Or was it you doing the buying and selling?

*target market and only people buying these days

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