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No, it isn’t childish

Under yesterday’s post on the call made by Louis James on Guyana Goldfields (GUY.to), some anonymous commenter added “Isn’t this rather childish !” (badly punctuated, but waddya expect?) Well, you may not like the sarcastic method of delivery, dear anon, but in your humble scribe’s opinion, trying to save one greenhorn from the clutches of the self-serving scam merchants at Casey Research is something that shouldn’t be considered a puerile activity in the slightest.
That’s because, sadly, we’ve seen this situation before from this so-called anal yst, who is so cocksure of himself and fed on his own arrogant ego that he prefers to compound errors rather than do the honest, adult thing and admit a mistake. Today’s situation with GUY.to is strangely reminiscent of what we saw in East Asia Minerals (EAS.v) and Louis ‘Lobito’ James of Casey Research last year.
  • Both were called buy by Lobito
  • Both then came out with disappointing 43-101 compliant reports
  • Both sold off
  • Both were then called “average down” or “buy again” or “refresh buy” (whatever house-speak they use over there) at Casey Research.
  • Both continued to dive hard.
And to give you the idea of just how bad the EAS.v call was, here’s the chart from this post dated August 10th that documented just how many times Lobito insisted on his subscribers buying EAS.v all the way down.
 (click to enlarge and for better focus)
Today’ EAS.v trades at $0.53 (yeah, fifty-three cents). 
Bottom line: I don’t think trying to save greenhorn cash from the idiots at Casey is childish, not in the slightest. But hey, dyodd dude and don’t take anything you read on any blog as gospel…especially this one.

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