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Rusoro (RML.v) started today at bid $0.465 ask $0.44. I mean, whatever makes you think they’re holding down the stock, eh?

Ventana Gold (VEN.to) suddenly did very large volumes at the end of yesterday’s trading, finishing up with 2.4m shares done.

Junior miners in the Lima stock market continue to be bought like hotcakes, including big volumes in VEM, MIRL and DNT amongst others.

I did wonder about that Linear Gold (LR.to) purchase that shot the PPS up this week…I didn’t look into it much (up in Canada, y’see) but it seemed so clean and shinyhappy for a property that has been around a while and never moved into prodution. So now we know that ownership is disputed…ahhhhh. LRR.to down today.

Duggie at GRZ vows to “fight on” over Brisas which will come as no surprise to anyone. Hey, here’s a phun phactoid about Belanger; guess how many times he has visited Venezuela this decade? (Hint: if you guessed “1” you’re overestimating).

Now that the US dollar hasn’t broken 80 to the downside, will Jim Sinclair apologize to his flock about all the “it’s happening now!!” shilling from last week? Ok, stupid question….

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