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Nolan Watson, the new Tye Burt ( $SAND )

Every NR out of Sandstorm (SAND) these days, plus the market’s reaction to them all, can’t help but remind your author about the way Kinross and Tye Burt held the mantle of ‘market darling’ for so long until its wasteful ways with asset cash were finally brought to book. All through the Burt era, K was praised as ‘daring’ and ‘aggressive’ and all those other sexy parts of the business leaders’ dictionary, but then a bridge too far and…well, Burt’s doing great things at Dacha I hear.
Anyway, back to SAND and head honcho Nolan Watson certainly seems to have a soft spot for Brazilian charities, no? First wasting untold millions on the Colossus moneypit, now his beneficiary is Luna Gold (LGC.to) and its “regularly capitalized” operations. Here’s a jolly song to enjoy while you think about whether SAND is the screaming short in any streaming long/short pair you’re currently considering.

UPDATE post-open: Oh, interesting. That bridge too far has arrived, perchance?

Y’know, half the problem of this blogging lark is getting the timing right.

UPDATE 2: Why we struggle:

And they wonder why your humble scribe doesn’t form part of the junior mining speaker’s circuit…

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