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North Korea feedback

Your humble scribe has received quite a bit of feedback from the post on that impressive North Korea photo-reportage yesterday, including this one from reader RB:
Otto, I’m sure this dude could take thousands of poverty photos in the US and for sure he could take thousands of photos of desitute poverty in many Capitalist countries on this planet. 
 One thing I know about North Korea is that it is the most heavily embargoed country in the world and is and has been constantly threatened with destruction for the last 50 or 60 years by the biggest bully, the US.
 As far as I can tell , it’s only crime is to not cave in to US control.

To which I replied:

“The system of democracy has many faults but you can’t fault it on one score: You get to believe anything you want and get the right to tell other people about it, too. Thanks so much for your considered opinion and keep enjoying the use of e-mail (which is more than 99.99% of N. Koreans ever get to do) But not with me any longer, life’s too short. Goodbye forever.”

My long-standing and carefully tended halo of pinko-ness is slipping, no? And you’ll also note that I didn’t even use a swear word at the brainless fucktard either. There, that’s that improved already.

Have a pleasant day, esteemed readership of IKN.

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