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North Springs Resources (NSRS.ob) is still a scam

It’s an impressive pump for sure, but please don’t fool yourselves (or waste your time with any comments either) into thinking there’s anything even remotely legit about this company. It’s a scam, period.

If you have a contrary opinion to that, well fine. But before you tell me about it you have a job to do (and hell, i’m even going to make it easy for you with a link)
1) Go to the SEC filings page (it’s right here, easy peasy)
2) Check how many shares out this company has (hint: 10-Q filing)
3) Work out its market capitalization (for those of you just joining us, that’s what the market thinks this company is worth and you do it by multiplying the number of shares out by its stock price).
4) Tell me how this company, with nothing of any note as assets, can have a market cap edging to U$1Bn.
And if you can’t do that, don’t even bother mailing me or commenting because it means you’re stupid.
The thing is with these pump’n’dump vehicles is that only the people in the middle of it all, the scumbags like the visible Harry Lappa and the real bosses behind the scenes, that know how high it’s going to go before they pull the plug. The rest of the world, like you and me, we’re just guessing. So if you think it can go higher and are stupid enough the trade these empty vehicles (because let’s be clear about this, you gotta be highline dumbfuck stupid to consider this as a legitimate investment vehicle for more than 10 seconds, let alone buy some) don’t let me stop you! Hey, be my guest and grab hold for a day or two if you want, but don’t come running to IKN* with the “Jeesh, you were right after all” mails and comments when it’s all over and you’re left holding wallpaper share certs.
NSRS and the plethora of scam stocks like it on the OTC are the financial equivalent of Russian Roulette: You can win a round of that game, but it’s not one built for long-term success (and that putting it mildly). However, the guys in the middle of this NSRS scam are becoming very rich thanks to your base level greed glands. It’s difficult to decide which group are the bigger assholes in fact, because if you’re insistent on being an asshole in this life, it’s probably better to be a rich asshole than a poor asshole.

*which reminds me of a fave joke when a kid best told using the Terry Jones woman voice from Monty Python: “If you break both your legs don’t come running to me”

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