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Northern Dynasty (NAK) (NDM.to): The trolls arrive at IKN’s door

William Routliffe, normally known as Bill, is a classic dumbass investment troll. They are a standard breed but they come with variants and in his case he’s enamored with his guru (in his case Marin Katusa), long Northern Dynasty (NAK) (NDM.to) and because of his sad-assed pathetic life the only thing he manages to do with his day is trawl the internet, find anyone and anything that dares speak a little truth into his ear and then try to beat it down with pseudo-intelectual claptrap, normally on bullboards far and wide, sometimes in comments sections of newspapers reporting on the objects of his masturbatory fantasies and from time to time, obviously, e-mails to authors. I got mine today and here it is:
your comments on the short defense, I am surprised you did not consider
that the criticisms you make are also applicable to the short report. 
You are scathing in your attacks on NAK, yet, you overlook the flaws in
the short attack.  Do I need to point out to you the obvious disconnect
?  I understand the shorts, they stand to make enormous profits.  NAK,
is of course, defending themselves.  What is your interest?  I believe
you wish to appear independent and unbiased.  This string of reports
puts you firmly in the short camp.  This recent post has damaged your
creditability with me.  You do not appear to be objective, or
intellectually honest.  What is your interest in this matter, and how
are you being compensated?  How do you justify accepting the short
report at face value and dismissing the defense out of hand?  The short
report writers are totally unqualified and do not appear to have any
professionals in place.  TD has much more credibility that some unknown
short seller.  I acknowledge they both have money at stake, but I 
believe TD  is more credible.  As always, sell side analysis must be
taken with a grain of salt.
 If you are  serious, and intellectually honest,I believe a fair and
calm rebuttal of these points is required.  If you choose not to, than
it leaves me with the impression that you are no different that other
scam artists and snake oil salesman that pollute the internet.
This biased stand on NAK has led me to doubt the objectivity of your
posts in general.  I have been enjoying reading your work and it has
often proved interesting.  Thank you for addressing my concerns.
Therefore Bill Routliffe, I am happy to address your concerns and provide an answer to you:
Fuck off.
Love, Otto. 
PS: The word is “credibility”, Bill.

Disclosure: No position at all in NAK.

PPS: And of course Mr. Routliffe felt the need to write into your humble scribe again, trolls are psychologically programmed to require the last word. And of course you humble scribe simply deleted his mail without opening or reading it, there’s no point or reason in engaging with these idiots. Another day on the blog.

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