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Northern Shield (NRN.v): The Eric Coffin paid pump collapses again

He stays up at night laughing at his own subscribers, y’know:

The NRN/Coffin Pump/Dump cycle four months this time and of course IKN warned you and you didn’t listen again and lost your money to the scam, that’s normal. And don’t think this is innocent, he close friends with the owners, and both parties know the project is absolutely unpermittable even if they find the next Red Lake.

The archetype lifestyle junior, supported by corrupt promotion and people who will believe anything as long as it’s written down and published. But of course, you idiots up there think that changing the uptick rule is the only way to save Canadian mining.


    These guys continue to use retail investors like a ATM. On the farm we used to lift up a piece of corrugated iron and the rats would run off in every direction. Thanks for lifting the corrugated “investment” iron 😉


    I figured you and Coffin would be BFF’s as he is another disgusting virtue signal extraordinaire like yourself.

    Is here a single person on the planet you DO like?


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