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Not all silver miners are the same

Check out this peer group of Fortuna Silver (FVI.v), Endeavour Silver (EDR.to), Great Panther Resources (GPR.to) and First Majestic Silver (FR.to). All junior scale producing silver miners. Note how one company stands head and shoulders above the rest in the last five days.

That’s basically because;

1) it doesn’t screw its shareholders around
2) it has strong financials
3) it will still be financially rock solid if silver drops to $10
4) it has honest management that cares about its workers and the nowadays all-important social and environmental angles

And that’s why I have liked, like and will like Fortuna Silver (FVI.v). Those who bought the NOBS report will know that i’m looking for a lower price to buy back in, but if that lower price doesn’t materialize I won’t be surprised. Cream rises, you see.

If you’d like to find out the details of FVI.v, its fundamental strengths and my proposed trading range in the short term please consider investing U$10 in the report. The details are here. You buy a copy and we both benefit, as there is plenty of money on the table for those interested in trading this stock.

Not all silver miners are the same, so buy yourself a good one.

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