Take physic, pomp

Note to Colombian narcotraffickers: Take the Pacific route in August

News from Ecuador is that the USA isn’t going to wait ’til the September 18th “we be kicking you out today, gringos” day to stop anti-narcotics operations (and the odd bombing run, of course) from its Manta air base in Studmuffinlandia. The Ecuador bigwigs in charge of the caboodle today confirmed the USA’s decision that the last surveillance op will take place this month, on July 17th to be exact.

So a headsup to all those marching powder entrepreneurs in Colombia and Peru; dudes, forget that cross-Venezuela route for the next six weeks or so and load all up in those semi-submarine thingies you got for the Pacific run. There ain’t no bear in the air no more.

Mojitos served. The end.

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