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Novo Resources (NVO.to) and Bob Moriarty’s total radio silence

As Novo Resources (NVO.to) sails towards its inevitable destiny, it’s notable how Bob Moriarty has gone AWOL. Once upon a time he based a book on his top pick stock and, along with lionizing the object of his fantasies Quinton Hennigh, made sure he filled it full of lies and libel about your author. Strange how these days you can’t get a peep out of him about the company:

The pathetic wretch can’t handle reality, no glory and no guts either. Bob Moriarty is hate-mongerer, a racist, a coward, a liar, a profiteer from libel and a paid pumper of scams.


    He has done numerous “recommendations” at that shit site for years, almost 1 per week. And if they go wrong, which they often do, he never mentions them again.


    Were it not for the paid tout b.s. pieces which provide his entire income, Bob Moriarity would be just another crazed Viet Nam vet lying in some LA or San Francisco gutter sticking needles in his arm and shitting on the sidewalk. Apologies in advance to Viet Nam vets.


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