Take physic, pomp

Novo Resources (NVO.to) only talks to Jew Haters and paid pumpers

It’s Day One of Beaver Creek today, so I was looking forward to my one-on-one meeting with Novo Resources (NVO.to), as requested by me and accepted by the company on August 4th (see 1 and 2). So, imagine my dismay when on opening the schedule today (see 3)…

…NVO had unilaterally reneged on its date, without even bothering to tell anyone. Very professional of you, P.T. Barnum PhD, wasting the time of professional anal ysts while sucking up to CEOca paid pumpers.

And while on the subject, where has the Jew Hater Bob Moriarty been recently, Quinton? He seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth and has nothing to say about NVO these days. Is he writing another book about your wonderfully erect penis, perchance? Getting geology lessons from Brent Cook? Or is it the shame of getting paid to pump yet another failed Top Pick?


    Wow ! You fired the heavy artillery again today, with shells raining down on Moriarty (the “jew hater”) and Cook (the “fat slob”). You seem like one HAUGHTY “hateful jew”, in a world full of haughty hateful jews, christians, muslims, budhists, atheists, ETC. Remember, keep a check on YOUR narcissism, or it will destroy you. Do it for you, and your family, if no one else. Please.


      What heavy artillery? A few simple facts considered heavy these days? And your obsession about religion is special, oh wise blog troll


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