Take physic, pomp

(now concentrate on this): Britain asks Cuba to support the England football team in the Brazil World Cup because “we’re really not that good”

Via Stephen @wicary comes this gem.
The British Ambassador to Cuba has sent this open letter to the people of Cuba asking them to get behind the England team. The whole letter is must-read material but here are a few snippets of joy from the thing:

“Out of regional solidarity, many Cubans will probably think of cheering for one of the Latin American teams – perhaps Brazil or Argentina … [b]ut the only team it really makes sense for Cubans to support is England. Here’s why.” 

“…the British introduced football to Cuba.”
“…football was invented in England. At least that’s what we English like to think.”
“…like Cuba today the England team is racially diverse with an emphasis on youth.”
“…England really needs all the help we can get…we’re really not that good.

I wonder what Miami will make of this entente cordiale? Go read the whole thing here (Spanish version available via that link, too)

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