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Nyrstar’s apparent kidnapping problems in Guerrero, Mexico

Unconfirmed reports reach your humble scribe that indicate Nyrstar saw three of its workforce kidnapped at the Campo Morado mine in Guerrero State, Mexico in the last few days. Apparently they’ve now been freed but there’s no word on what sort of exchange took place (if any) between company and kidnappers. Your author has a mail in with Nyrstar people and we’ll report back on the company’s position as and when they reply (yup, no word yet, strange how they’d want to keep this sort of thing quiet no?).
We should add at this point that Guerrero State is one of the worst places in the country for narco-type criminal organizations and it’s not the first time this sort of incident has affected a mining company working the area. And as previous owners HDI know, the Campo Morado property was always a….how shall we say it?… a controversial one.

UPDATE: Turns out Nyrstar prefers not to comment. 

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