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OceanaGold (OGC.to): What The F (UPDATED)

It was only a few hours ago that reader P put it to me this way:

Hurricane in the Carolinas with power outages and flooding, typhoon in the Philippines with many deaths in Luzon near their Didipio mine, and rolling strikes at their Waihi mine in NZ. I understand their hands may be full but how many days will it take before their usually excellent IR department says something? I can’t find anything online. No NRs, no twitter, nothing.

Indeed. And for good measure, nothing on the financial havoc being wreaked on Argentina by the dumb-or-criminal (or both) Macri and how it might affect its exploration capital there. But instead, we get this today:

OceanaGold extends high-grade gold and silver mineralisation at WKP

Drill results on a project in New Zealand and nothing on Haile, Didipio or Waihi. Not a single word. Not a sausage. I dunno, perhaps it has a cunning plan to deliberately set itself up as a target for shorters.

UPDATE: A few minutes after the market opens….this:

 OceanaGold Provides Operational Update Following Recent Weather Events in the Philippines and the Carolinas

At last.


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