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Oh dear, the terrorist Michael Dwyer wasn’t treated all fair like by Bolivian police

Back in 2009 IKN followed this story quite closely and at the time thought it all done and dusted, but like bad pennies it just keeps on coming back. Here’s the story on the latest development, here’s how it starts, click through for the rest (link via über expert on Bolivia, Jim Schultz)
LA PAZ – An Irishman who died in Bolivia in 2009 as police crushed a plot to assassinate President Evo Morales was actually arrested and then executed, another suspect says.
Until now the official line was that Irishman Michael Dwyer, allegedly in on the plot, died in a shootout with police.
The government has said the plot was financed by wealthy opposition figures in the city of Santa Cruz, a bastion of sentiment against the leftist Morales, Bolivia’s first indigenous president.
But a Hungarian arrested in connection with the plot, Elod Toaso, told a court Friday that Dwyer actually survived the shootout and was arrested but later executed, Bolivian media said Saturday.
continues here
And at this point you want to cry about the injustice of it all, right? I mean, it totally beats me why a band of terrorists in Bolivia who were plotting to kill the President of Bolivia and were funded by extreme-right wing factions in Santa Cruz wouldn’t get fair treatment by the people who foiled the plot and stopped the coup attempt in its tracks after a raid and a firefight in a hotel. In other words, fuck him. World’s better off with people like this dead, always has been, always will be.

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