Take physic, pomp

Oh goody, we mortals get to ask Rick Rule some questions

Yesterday evening your humble scribe received a mailer from Sprott Global entitled “Optionality: Rick Rule answers your questions and tells listeners what he’s doing with his own money”. It included this paragraph.

“Next week, Rick Rule will be recording a call to let listeners know what he is doing with his own money and to answer your calls on optionality.  Please submit your questions either to your Sprott Global financial advisor or to contact@sprottglobal.com by Thursday February 18th.”

And to that IKN says, vote early and often! Here are this house’s two suggestions:

1) Despite being two plays that have been recently and deliberately set up for the same “optionality” play, you refuse to invest in or back Keith Neumeyer’s First Mining Finance (FF.v) or that Dundee-backed Oban Mining (OBM.to). Isn’t this hypocritical?
2) Admit it Rule, “optionality” is just a fancy phrase for the age-old Greater Fool theory isn’t it? None of the horsecrap assets in this sub-set will ever become mines, you just want to be in early and sell a dream. Even if it works, nothing happens here except a transfer of wealth from a sucker’s pocket into yours.

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