Take physic, pomp

Oh, hello again!

Just when you’d gotten used to not reading this blog’s inane nonsense, you’d realized that IKN was not a vital part of your life and you’d finally worked out there really wasn’t much point in reading it in the first place and successfully weaned yourself off this humble corner of cyberspace, we’re back from our spot in the sun and ready to bore you to tears all over again.
So yeah, it’s good to be back but what’s changed during the hiatus? Well, the MidEast is still slowly collapsing, Alejandro Toledo is still leading the polls in Peru, Marin Katusa’s bullshit self-serving pumpjobs are still going downhill fast (not that he cares, he’s already got your money, suckaz), according to EngLang media Colombia can do no wrong and Venezuela can do no right, ECU Silver is still a joke, FVI is still way undervalued, RIO.v still hasn’t got its construction permit, GUY.to still hasn’t found itself a buyer, zinc is still treading water, gold continues to climb and silver’s up even more.
In other words, nothing much has changed at all. Looks like it was a good choice of month to be away. 

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