Take physic, pomp

Oh Noes! Canada isn’t the centre of the world!

  • Maybe it’s because people don’t like the loonie
  • Maybe it’s because people are fed up to the back teeth with Da Boyz
  • Maybe it’s because people are sick to death of wanting in to a small miner and are offered 24 on the bid and 29 on the ask by corrupt pigs in suits and ties.
  • Maybe it’s because of the regulatory body, the OSC, that has managed to bring just two people to rights this decade (not joking, that’s the number of convictions since 2000) and obviously doesn’t give a damn about the impunity under their very noses.
But whatever it is, people are voting with their feet. The junior mining companies wise enough to spread their traded stock around other markets are now feeling the benefit of this move. Case in point is one of IKN’s favoured microdots, Vena Resources (VEM.to), that traded just 1,000 shares in Toronto yesterday, but 63,000 in Frankfurt this morning and over 126,000 shares on the Lima, Peru BVL exchange yesterday (with closing bell bid at 21 and the ask at 22…that’s how you run an investor-friendly exchange). Another one is Candente Resources (DNT.to), doing nearly half a million shares in volume in Lima yesterday. Plenty more examples to choose from, too.
Wouldn’t it be funny if one day they rang the bell on the TSE and nobody came to play?

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