Take physic, pomp

Oh noes! Ecuador peaceful! Dismay washes over western world!

News from the indigenous protest that was being gushingly gushed by the dumbass English media in LatAm as “Correa’s first showdown” with the indigenous community that had already “toppled previous governments” and stuff is that the protest has been suspended and dialogue has started. Here’s Reuters (translated from Spanish report):

QUITO: Ecuador’s indigenous movement called off a protest on Monday that threatened to paralyze the Andean nation after reaching an agreement with the government to open a proces of dialogue concerning an official proposal that will regulate the use of water.

After sporadic roadblocks in strategic places all day, the indigenous leaders decided to suspend the protest amidst discontent from the grassroots bases of the organization that did not support the talks with the government.

Or in other words, the dumbass English language press had you all worked up over nothing.


You really should stop getting your LatAm biznews from people who can’t speak the Spanish or Portuguese. In factt he only news worth worrying about out of Ecuador is good, with the first pour of gold at Dynasty’s (DMM.to) Zaruma mine showing the progress to responsible mining practices that the government has promoted all along…but we don’t wanna talk about good biznews from and AxisOfEvo™ country, do we?

Vino calientes served. The end.

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