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OH NOES! It Kaption Kompetition Time

Yes indeedy, as my inspiration batteries feel all dried out at the moment I’m throwing it over to you guys to come up with something witty, pithy, or whatever-y.

Colombia’s Alvaro Uribe started his whistle-stop tour of South America today by visiting Twobreakfasts over in Peru. The idea is to explain to heads of state on a one-on-one basis just why he’s going to let a shitload of US soldiers set up camp in his country (for a better and more serious analysis of things, check out Plan Colombia and Beyond, cos it’s a better blog than here).

Anyway, Uribe does Peru today then flies on to chat with Evo in Bolivia later tonight. Then he takes in (and I think this order is correct) Chile (‘Chelle), Paraguay (Don Juan), Uruguay (Tabaré), Argentina (Klishtina, and apparently these two get on really well) and finally Brazil (where Yoda has already mentioned that he’s pissed about the whole idea). Amazingly enough he’s missing out on Venezuela (some guy called Hugo) and Ecuador (The Muffin). Uribe’s also too chicken to go to next week’s UNASUR summit in Ecuador where the other 10 heads of state are gatherng.

BUT NO MATTER! What we want from you guys are captions for this photo:
Add them to the comments section below (like some of you do) or mail them over (like others of you do). The winner will be declared tomorrow and the first prize is….errr…a beer. Ok?

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