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Ok, I give in, here’s the latest link of Rick Rule talking with Tekoa Da Silva

As many of you have noticed (I have the inbox to prove it), Arthur Richards Rule The Fourth mentions your humble scribe at some point in this interview. Which was nice of him I suppose, but the oversized reaction received for something like two seconds of reference from El Rule is kind of weird. Certainly gives me an idea of how many fanboys the dude has out there.
Anyway here’s the link, which has the video interview and the transcript, which I did bother to read (didn’t do the vid though, print asshole that I am). And yes I admit it’s another pretty decent Q&A with good insights on the junior sector. No need to mail in any more headsup now, thanks and all that.
However, I am left wondering just why Tekoa capitalizes the D in his name, when just about every “da Silva” I’ve come across (e.g. ex-Prez Lula) uses the D in lower case. Overcompensation?

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