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On smoke and mirrors and Cordoba

Once you know how to recognize the patterns on the tape (I claim no special talent, it’s not rocket science, just a case of observance and time) you get to appreciate just how impressively manipulated stocks are on the TSX, especially the Wild West show we know as the TSXV. A fine example is how certain deep-pocketed individuals have managed to reel in Cordoba Minerals (CDB.v) this week and stop it from really breaking out after that eye-popping NR on Monday, all because they want a cool special-friend-buddy-scratch-back placement deal from CDB at their idea of a nice price (the type of mealy-minded Scrooge that feels hard done by from a $5m profit on a trade if there was $5.5m up for grabs). And for what it’s worth, I don’t really give two hoots about the near-term moves in CDB or the price at which the upcoming round of funding is set, I just find it all rather amusing as the near-term is mere frippery in this stock. Who cares about $1.10 or $1.30 when it’s going multiples higher in the years ahead?
But the funny thing is how the very same people who blatantly manipulate the TSXV are the same over-loud voices whining and moaning about manipulation in the gold and silver bullion markets. And because these wealth-obsessed idiots command such a fawning flock of admirers, that same “Oh It’s Not Fair Gold Is Rigged” whinge is repeated by every two-bit retail dumbass with a five figure portfolio. The flock don’t say a word about the way their stocks are swung around by their thought masters, because their thought masters don’t want them thinking about such matters. Their thought masters just want their money and as long as they manage to distract the dumbass tiny fish at the bottom of the food chain, they’ll get it all right.

UPDATE: An example of somebody who’ll never understand:

I feel like I need to be writing in crayon sometimes.

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