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opinions of the bagua massacre in peru

The admirable blog Huanca York Times (if you know the region in question you’ll get the joke) does a great job of clipping together the opinions of Peruvian commentators bout the Bagua bloodshed and compiling them in one space. Please click through the the HYT here to see more and also the chilling photos on offer of the repression at Bagua.

Here below are the moneylines chosen by the blog translated into English. The names of the analysts below may not be well-known where you live but these people are heavyweights in Peru. The sum total is that intellectuals are not putting up with Twobreakfasts’ demagoguery any longer.

César Hildebrandt:

“(…) Mr. Yehude Simon has told us that he is not going to resign. Well, that’s his right. What he has to realize, however is that a line of cadavers will follow him, from now on, anywhere he goes (…)”.

Augusto Álvarez Rodrich:

“(…) Shame on García, as this undemocratic road will take him to the applause of the most autocratic and racist sectors of the country”.

Humberto Campodónico:

“The violence and death yesterday in Bagua are the product of the government’s will to complete the “incomplete reform” that is demanded by the neoliberals (…)”.

Carlos Castro:

“(…) García, in his arrogance, does not recognize the responsinility of his government in the deaths that have ocurred up to now due to the protest (…)”.

Fernando Rospigliosi:

“The carnage of the last few days has no comparison and will, without doubt, mark the second government of Alan García the way that the prison massacres were a reference point of his first government (…)”.

Jorge Bruce:

“(…) a hegemonic, “hortelanic” vision is imposed where the opinion of ” a hoard of savages with arrows” is oppressed with powerful firearms (…)”.

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