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Opinions on Canaco (CAN.v)

Yes I know Moriarty pumped on Canaco (CAN.v) quite literally the day before it dropped, but aside from the timing you kind of expect Tio Bob to come out with these things (and then forget them in his anecdotes about trades wot i have traded a few months or years down the line).
Nah, the one I really love is this from that James West, aka James “crystal ball” West, aka James “geology doesn’t matter” West. He said this about Canaco (CAN.v) on October 24th:

“The only problem with that property is that you can’t drill it fast enough. The results continue to be outstanding from the project, there are no problems with it, it’s purely a function of general market conditions”

Adorable. And remember folks, this is the same James West that told you to buy Southwestern after the Boka scandal hit. PT Barnum is alive and well and living in Fabulous Lima.

Meanwhile, those you want a real opinion about a property’s geological make-up are best advised to ask someone who knows about geology, not some fake-ass charlatan bullshitter snake-oil salesman such as West. An example of a real opinion, you ask? Yeah sure: Brent Cook bought the stock in late-ish 2011, then had the chance to go visit the property in early 2012. On returning he sold his shares and told his subscribers all about why, on March 4th. It’s why the stock dropped 20c on 3.6m volume that day….but in hindsight even the worst price that day ($1.21) was a smart get-out (while the Wests of this world were still telling you how stupid the selling was, no doubt).
Watching James West on BNN is free
Reading Brent Cook’s letter costs $150 a month (i think that’s the price)
Both are worth exactly the price you pay

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